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Tuesday, November 7

2:00pm PST

2:30pm PST

3:15pm PST

4:00pm PST

Container Brigade Birds of a Feather
avatar for David Bainbridge

David Bainbridge

Man of the Night's Watch, Ciena
David Bainbridge is a senior software architect focusing on open source within Ciena's CTO office. David has been a member of the TSC/TST and committer on ODL, ONOS, and CORD projects. David's current focus in open source is split between SDN and machine learning (as it can be applied... Read More →

Tuesday November 7, 2017 4:00pm - 5:00pm PST
Room 101
Thursday, November 9

10:00am PST

A-CORD: Analytics for CORD
avatar for Bora Eliacik

Bora Eliacik

Head of Engineering, Netsia
Bora Eliacik, Head of Engineering for Netsia, is an ICT professional with more than 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry. Throughout his career, Bora Eliacik has participated in large-scale software integration and development projects as a project manager, product... Read More →

Thursday November 9, 2017 10:00am - 10:45am PST
Event Hall

11:15am PST

Community Lab with VPN Access for CORD members
Flex seeks to provide community labs as part of Lab-as-a-Service offerings where members can collaborate for cord trials on OCP and custom reference platforms using high speed VPN connections to lab infrastructure. Although CORD deployment process is very well documented but there are inherent issues with the deployment process itself behind corporate firewall, low speed internet connection and other restrictions around repositories access in certain regions which makes it very difficult for members to deploy and test CORD solutions. Lab facilities with open VPN access and high speed dedicated external connections to physical pods will help in wide spread adoption of CORD and accelerate community based innovation. In this talk, we will be going over how Flex working closely with On.Lab developed community lab with remote connection as part of its Lab-as -a-Service offering which is currently being used as QA POD for cord platform deployment. We are also looking to offer more physical PODs under community lab category as we believe this is valuable resource for CORD project groups since such labs provide an open collaboration environment for CORD members to focus on an impact results defined in the CORD roadmap. The CORD community lab @Flex is available for project groups to test new proof of concept and technologies solutions that are designed to address specific community driven use cases with CORD. Flex community lab outlines: 1. Provides multiple isolated PODs with secured routable 1G network access 2. Open network with VPN connection to lab infrastructure for community members

avatar for Siddharth Gogar

Siddharth Gogar

SDN Developer, Flex
• Working on deployments of Telco projects including CORD, OPNFV, ONAP and private cloud deployments of RedHat OSP, Fuel and Nephoscale. Integrate VNF onboarding solutions and industry standard benchmarks used for telco workloads such as yardstick and spirent tools with private... Read More →
avatar for Dharmesh Jani

Dharmesh Jani

VP Cloud Strategy, Flex
Leads execution of technology vision and partnerships to drive strategic customer engagements”

Thursday November 9, 2017 11:15am - 12:00pm PST
Event Hall

2:00pm PST

Integrate OAI-as-a-Service into M-CORD
According to the situation that current open source implementations of M-CORD are not complete, we decided to research a workable and open-source solution. We choose OpenAirInterface, which is an open source Rel 8/Rel-10 3GPP compliant reference implementation of BBU, UE, RRH and EPC that runs on general purpose computing platform (Intel/ARM), to act as an LTE service (EPC and eNB part). We want to execute OpenAirInterface under CORD platform, so we integrate OAI service into XOS. After that, users can access the web UI to create and run OpenAirInterface inside OpenStack. Finally, we can demo mobile devices access the internet via M-CORD OAI services. At the current time, we can let users initiate OAI services from XOS web UI, use mobile devices to connect to our remote radio unit which communicates to OAI EPC in M-CORD and browse the internet after mobile devices are authenticated. We have completed the OAI-as-a-Service in CORD 2.0, and now trying to migrate to CORD 4.0. We are going to transform and optimize the current R-CORD 4.0 into OAI M-CORD 4.0. Hope it can be a good practice of M-CORD use case.

avatar for Wei-Yu Chen

Wei-Yu Chen

Open Networking Foundation

Wilson Wang

Industrial Technology Research Institute & National Chiao Tung University
Wilson Wang received the M.Sc. degree in computer science from the NCTU, Taiwan, in 2016. Since then, he has been with Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan. His current research interests include software-defined networking, network function virtualization, and mobile... Read More →

Thursday November 9, 2017 2:00pm - 2:30pm PST
Room 102

2:30pm PST

The New Transport network Architecture for CORD interconnection
In the era of 5G, CORD in the edge of metro network will aggregate a variety of different services which require the huge and on demond of bandwidth,different SLA guarentee,Differentiated services provisioning. The interconnection network between CORDs should support network slicing, bandwidth on demand, and AI based controll. Here we want to present a new architecture-Slicing Packet Network, which can provide the end-to-end phisical layer isolation and packet switch. It can provide DWDM based optical layer(L0), 64b/66b block based coross connect(L1) , Ethernet switching(L2)+Segment Routing(L3). It is Disaggregated Transport Network.With SDN controller such as ONOS, It can replace the triditional OTN/ROADM and the routers in metro network in the future. China Mobile and their partners have verified it in Lab.


Fu Qiao

Project Manager, China Mobile
Qiao Fu is a project manager at China Mobile Research Institute, working on research of network technology. Qiao Fu is responsible for the China Mobile National Experiment Network of NFV, and is also engaged in technical research of edge cloud, hardware acceleration and NFV system... Read More →

Thursday November 9, 2017 2:30pm - 3:00pm PST
Room 102

3:00pm PST

Cavium-Xpliant & CORD Programmable SDN Fabric
CORD is a disruptive technology aiming to redesign Telco Central Offices, bringing new standards of efficiency and agility.Ground-breaking NFV solutions have been developed in OpenCORD, shaking up the Service Providers networking model, as more and more functions, traditionally done in specialized hardware, are virtualized in CORD.But what about the physical networking infrastructure – the switches? Are they only good to provide connectivity? Rich in capabilities, switches can offer more services for CORD. Comprehensive telemetry, sophisticated QoS, NFV offload are just a few examples of what XPliant flexible hardware can do, while processing the traffic @ Tb throughput.Cavium has ported its' XPliant Family of programmable switches to ONOS Controller, empowering CORD to tailor the physical underlay Fabric characteristics to each of the Mobile/Residential/Enterprise use-cases specifics.With Cavium-Xpliant Programmable switches, the Fabric behavior and scale does not have to be one-size-fit-all; application-definable Fabric is not a fantasy.I believe that the next step in CORD evolution should be capitalizing on the benefits of both the flexible physical network and the virtualized NFVs.The result, a truly Software-Defined Network, programmatically adjustable to deployments needs, will be a big step forward to deliver on CORD's vision of offering an economics-efficient and agile solution.

avatar for Albert Fishman

Albert Fishman

Switching Software and Solutions Product Marketing Manager, Cavium
Albert (Alik) Fishman is the Switching Software and Solutions Product Marketing Manager at Cavium. A problem solver and innovative solutions promoter at heart, Albert has over 15 years of extensive experience in the semiconductor industry with deep expertise in systems architecture... Read More →

Thursday November 9, 2017 3:00pm - 3:30pm PST
Room 102

3:30pm PST

SD-Collectors for advanced CORD analytics
SD-Collectors are the basis for deep observability & real time analytics. This talk provides how SD-Collector models can enhance CORD platform to enable applications & networks required by 5G

avatar for Bora Eliacik

Bora Eliacik

Head of Engineering, Netsia
Bora Eliacik, Head of Engineering for Netsia, is an ICT professional with more than 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry. Throughout his career, Bora Eliacik has participated in large-scale software integration and development projects as a project manager, product... Read More →
avatar for Tom Tofigh

Tom Tofigh

Tom is currently a Principal Member of Technical Staff in the AT&T’s Domain 2.0 architecture and planning Labs at AT&T. Tom has been responsible for planning and implementation of large-scale telecommunications equipment He has extensive experience that spans across many disciplines... Read More →

Thursday November 9, 2017 3:30pm - 4:00pm PST
Room 102